Funny thing happened on the way to the rave

Last night I was subject to one of the most peculiar forms of aggressive marketing I’ve ever known. Coming up to the Elevens Club, a young man approached me, demanded I read his book, then thrust a fistful of torn out pages into my hand and left.

A bit of research once I got home indicated that the young man was not the author, since the text proved to be from Merde Actually written by Stephen Clarke who is well into his fifties, I believe. I guess ‘my book’ in this case just meant ‘book I possess’.

I have no idea what the motive behind the act was but it got my attention.


Author: benjamindempsey

Benjamin Dempsey was born in Tasmania and grew up in the city of Tamworth, the country music capital of Australia. There, his parents ran a small white goods store. After graduating highschool he studied computer science at TAFE for a year before moving to Newcastle to attend University. He studied a bachelor of arts majoring in Creative Writing, while also taking classes on Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Film Studies and Literature. When an opportunity to move to Sydney opened up, he took it with little hesitation and enrolled at the University of Sydney to continue his studies. However, financial reasons forced him to leave university before he could graduate. This did not deter him from finishing his first book, Draconian Symphony.

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