unnamedDraconian Symphony


The Earth has been stagnating for a thousand years after the apocalypse failed to happen, and even the forces of Hell are losing their passion. Draco is a self-trained mage good for little else than starting fires and staying alive.

After fending off an attack by the predatory demon Lascivus, he extracts from her a single debt, which he demands she repays by helping him track down his mother, a psychotic, abusive mage, so he can kill her.

While he succeeds, it comes at a cost, and it is only thanks to the intervention of Lascivus that he avoids spending eternity trapped in a strange, featureless plane. He and the living-sword Drakkengard find themselves embroiled deeper and deeper in the Devil’s machinations. Gods, ambitious madmen, and beings from other worlds are all vying to take advantage of an unfulfilled prophecy and to end the millennia of stagnation at any cost.

Part 1 of a duology. Order from Telltale Publishing directly or purchase  from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Paperback and digital available.

Draconian Aria

Having secured the hand of the Devil’s daughter for mutual gain, the mage, Draco, enjoys the luxury afforded by their arrangement in exchange for his loyal service to the underworld. However, his sins catch up to him, and an enigmatic angel has him spirited away for judgment. With Lascivus out of action, it falls to their children, Cicula and Lach, to rescue their father before the angel can pass judgement.

The millennium of stagnation is coming to an end, and trust has reached an all-time scarcity as the end of times lurches unstoppably over the horizon. The pieces on the board show their true nature as revelations tear apart everything the supernatural worlds have taken for granted. Long-dead phantoms return, new allegiances arise and unheard of existences threaten to tip the scales toward absolute destruction or eternal tyranny. For Draco and his new family, everything comes under assault by the times that refuse to remain unchanged any longer.

Part 2 of a duology. Order from Telltale Publishing directly or purchase from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Paperback and digital available.

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